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We offer businesses in the automobile industry to sell vehicle reports through
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How to Get Started

3 simple steps

1. Fill out the registration form
2. Choose your preferred membership
3. Start earning

How do affiliates get paid?

Whenever a customer purchases an EpicVIN report using your special referral link, you get paid a commission for that sale.

You set the terms of payment
You can receive money every 3 months, but if the sum of the reports purchased from your customers is $300 and higher, You will receive the money immediately

Choose your Type of Partnership

We provide to you information

We will create an API for your company and you will have a free precheck option for the vehicle in the style of your website. Your customers will have the opportunity to see what information will be available in their future vehicle history report. If your customer decides to buy it, you will redirect the request to, including the VIN number and a reference number so we can identify that the request comes from your site.

Special for Mobile apps

For those companies, which have mobile applications,we developed special types of banners and links that are adapted for mobile devices.

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Add EpicVIN banners to your website

Choose from an assortment of 10 unique banners and place any of them on your website. You will be rewarded every time a customer clicks on the banner and purchases a report.

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Give your customers a 20% discount on all EpicVIN reports

You can give bonus to the customers of your company and offer them a discount on the EpicVIN company report from each purchase on your website.

Be calm and know that EpicVin will take care of your customers and provide them excellent quality reports with a 20% discount!

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Affiliate program

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