How to Protect the Car from Rodents


If you live in a wooded area, rodent damage to a caris a serious problem you must protect your car from. Even if you don’t live in a wooded area, the chances of having unwanted visitors like rats and squirrel in car are still high. Therefore, as a car owner, it is important to learn how to keep rats out of car. The big question - how do I protect my car from rodents?

Rodent damage to a car is quite rampant, especially during winter. These pests can cause significant damages to your car engine and wires. You really need to learn how to keep squirrels out of car wires because they can eat away the wires and cause extensive damages. You also need to learn how to get rid of rats in car engine. Here, EpicVIN offers some advice on how to effectively protect your car from these little creatures. 

The Best Solution – Squirrels and Rodent Repellents 

The best way to keep squirrels and all kinds of rodents away from your car is to buy the perfect squirrel repellent for cars. However, you need to make sure that the crazy little animals are there before making such a purchase. 

It can be pretty difficult to notice the presence of rodents in your car until they cause noticeable and expensive damage. However, if you are vigilant enough, you will notice a few signs that will hint you of their presence and activities. 

One of the clearest signs of rodents in a car is the presence of nesting materials like leaves or dry grass. If you find such material under your hood, it can be an indication of rodents. They can also use plastics. You can confirm your suspension if you find their food particles of feces. 

Once you observe that rodents may be living in your car, get rodent repellent from a reliable retail outlet. There are highly effective rodent repellents for car engines, as well as other chemical-based products that can help you to get rid of these animals and protect your car engine and wires from damage. 

How to Protect Car from Rats and Other Rodents 

Besides using repellents, how do I protect my car from rodents? If you are asking this question, we have a few answers here:

  • Keep the Vehicle and the Storage Area Clean 

When your vehicle and the storage area (especially the garage) always clean, it is less likely that squirrels and other rodents will come close. 

  • Remove Any Source of Food and Water from the Surrounding Area 

Food and water attract rats and other rodents. Make sure you keep your car free of food particles that may attract rats. Also, remove all water sources close to where you often pack. 

  • Open the Hood 

When your hood is open, your engine will become a less inviting/safe place for rats and other rodents that can chew on your engine wires and cause serious damages. 

  • Protect the Engine Entrant 

Another tip on how to keep squirrels from eating car wires is to protect the engine entrant. You can take a step further by using a wire screen to close up any opening rats can use. 

  • Disturb Their Peace 

There are many ways to make your engine uncomfortable for rats and squirrels, including ultrasound alarm, strobe lights, and even peppermint oil and cat litter. 

Rodents pose serious risks to your car. When they chew away the wires of your engine, it can cause short circuits, which will result in expensive damages. You need to protect your car from these little creatures, regardless of where you live. If you’re searching for how to stop rodents from chewing car wires, the insightful tips provided here by EpicVIN can be very helpful. 

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