How to Read Pontiac VIN Numbers?

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A Vehicle Information Number (VIN) is a unique code that is assigned to every automobile manufactured after 1981. This VIN code serves as a unique identifier for each vehicle. If you are looking at buying a car, the VIN code will tell you several vital information about the vehicle.

The Pontiac VIN code can reveal the vehicle’s make and model, the year it was manufactured, country and plant of production, transmission, engine, vehicle specification, and more. Also, the Pontiac VIN can tell the buyer about the vehicle history, purchase, inspection, registration, previous use, and damage history.

Use the EpicVIN Pontiac VIN decoder to learn more about the car you are thinking about buying. With our Pontiac VIN lookup, car owners can provide the potential buyer with important information about the vehicle they want to sell.

How to Locate the Pontiac VIN?

The VIN code of your Pontiac model car can be found in several locations on the vehicle. Some common places to find the Pontiac VIN numbers include:

  • Under the windshield on the driver side
  • On the bottom of the vehicle hood
  • On the left side doorjamb
  • On the title or registration
  • On the engine

Popular Models from Pontiac

Pontiac is a company that is recognized to produce a broad scope of vehicles, including performance sedans, muscle cars, sports cars, SUVs, and minivans. The company has manufactured some really iconic and popular models of vehicles include:

  • Pontiac GTO muscle
  • Pontiac Bonneville
  • Pontiac Firebird
  • Pontiac Fiero
  • Pontiac LeMans
  • Pontiac G3
  • Pontiac G5
  • Pontiac G6
  • Pontiac G8
  • Pontiac Grand Am
  • Pontiac Grand Prix
  • Pontiac Aztek
  • Pontiac Montana
  • Pontiac Solstice
  • Pontiac Torrent
  • Pontiac Vibe
  • Pontiac Sunfire

Why Should I Run a Pontiac VIN Check?

Some important reasons to run a Pontiac VIN check include

Get Detailed Vehicle History Report: This is the primary benefits of a Pontiac VIN check. The VIN search can be used to get a detailed history report of your vehicle.

Check for Accidents: Every year, about six million traffic crashes are reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With a VIN check, you can know whether the Pontiac model you want to buy was previously involved in an auto accident or not.

Check for Title Brands: In addition, you can use a Pontiac VIN check to check for critical title brands, including flood-damage, hail-damage, as well as salvage titles.

Check for Special Purpose Designations: Also, a Pontiac VIN check can be used to know if your car was once used for special purposes such as rental, taxi, or police.

Check for Thefts: However, thousands of cars are reported stolen every year. Through a Pontiac VIN search, you can know about the active theft or previously recovered theft record of the vehicle you want to buy.

What Can VINs of Older Pontiacs Tell?

Prior VIN was standardized in 1981, Pontiac used mainly 13-digit VIN codes. However, the meaning of each character or digit of these Pontiac VIN numbers varied from one model to another. Here is a breakdown of what each character represented in older Pontiac models (1972-1982 Pontiacs):

  • The first character – Car’s division
  • The second – Series
  • The third and fourth – Body style
  • The fifth – Engine
  • The sixth – Year of production or manufacture
  • The seventh – Assembly plant
  • Last six characters (8th to 13th) - Production sequence.
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