Porównanie EpicVIN i CARFAX


Buying a used vehicle is challenging and can spring up surprises. You never know what fault is being concealed from you by the seller. This is where a vehicle history report helps big time. By merely using the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) code, one can obtain detailed information on a vehicle's past maintenance records and damages. Currently, there are many data providers available on the internet that provide such VIN check services like AutoCheck, Carfax, etc.

Certain data providers are limited to providing only some information, while others might be a little pricey. Depending on your budget and the data required, you must choose to spend on the right data provider. Carfax is a well-known service provider for vehicle reports, but they are quite expensive. Also, some details which are vital to you might not be provided by Carfax. This is where better alternatives to Carfax come up.

EpicVIN is a reliable and genuine data provider that has been satisfying consumers from 2012. Let's take a look at how EpicVIN is a better option to choose.

What is EpicVIN?

EpicVIN is a CARFAX alternative since it is an NMVTIS - approved (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) data provider, making the report more reliable. Also, it's a highly cost-efficient alternative.

With over 350 million data records, it does help not only buyers but also sellers to get the best deal out for the vehicle they own. One can quickly get their vehicle verified and validated based on the extensive vehicle history report already available. EpicVIN is also a valuable and reliable source of vehicle history reports for users of copart.com.

What is CARFAX?

Founded in 1984, CARFAX is a commercial service provider that supplies used vehicle history reports. In the era of no Internet, it has been earlier providing reports through fax, hence the name 'CARFAX'.

Being one of the leading companies in this sector, it offers various products and services that are free but also charges a fee for more comprehensive reports, which are ultra-expensive. CARFAX reports reveal only important information about a vehicle such as title information, odometer readings, previous owners, etc.

How Does EpicVIN Beat CARFAX?

First and foremost, EpicVIN is a lot more affordable than CARFAX. A single report by CARFAX costs a whopping $39.99, whereas the same by EpicVIN costs just $14.99! That's a budget deal. And EpicVIN also manages to provide pictures of the vehicle on the reports while CARFAX doesn't. So it's a good idea to choose EpicVIN.

EpicVIN is NMVTIS - approved so you can also be aware whether the vehicle is stolen and being resold. It's VIN Check by state feature ensures if the vehicle has a clean title across all states and doesn't hold any hidden history of accident or damage that is being concealed by the seller.

Focusing on the unique features and services offered, EpicVIN doesn't fail to surprise consumers with so many details covered in such a less price.

EpicVIN Generates More Value Than CARFAX

Now, EpicVIN is not just affordable but also provides more valuable reports. EpicVIN is the first-ever vehicle history report provider which is based on proven blockchain information, making it more secure and trustworthy since the data stored in the database cannot be altered easily.

The primary advantage of a CARFAX report is the presence of maintenance dates and repair records in contrast to other data providers. However, EpicVIN offers a more voluminous and detailed information report compared to CARFAX.

Mission of EpicVIN

Aiming to reduce uncertainty and fraud in the automotive sector, EpicVIN strives to help consumers access the best deals by providing the transparency of trustworthy vehicle history and damage records.

With EpicVIN having so many advantages over CARFAX, it's undoubtedly a better option to choose EpicVIN. Additionally, many consumers have given positive feedback to the services offered by EpicVIN and are recommending EpicVIN reports. So if you are planning on buying a used vehicle, make sure you visit EpicVIN to get an authentic and detailed report at a super low price.

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