Vehicle value by VIN

Vehicle value by VIN

By checking your VIN, you’re able to make a more informed decision on your trade-in or used car purchase. By checking your VIN number, you receive a complete history of the used vehicle in a structured form via report.

EpicVIN could help disclose what the Market Value Tool shows

Estimate the retail value of your car, motorcycle or truck with analytics based on the price of the similar vehicles across the U.S. have sold for in recent months.

What can be found in EpicVIN market value tool?

  • Average: Mean price across similar recent vehicles sold;
  • Distribution: How many prices go above or below the average price;
  • Certainty: The level of statistical confidence in the estimate;
  • Time period: An adjustable number of months to analyze;
  • Count: The number of similar sales used to create the estimate.

How can EpicVIN estimate the market value of a vehicle?

EpicVIN provides vehicle history reports and a potential to aggregate millions of vehicle sale records per month.

We include both dealer sales and private party sales across the United States, making it possible to gain insight on the average market prices of vehicles for sale across the country and how these market prices change over time. Based on sales of vehicles with a similar make, model, year, and trim, this market value analysis reflects EpicVIN’s estimate on a vehicle’s present market value.

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