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EpicVIN is an Approved NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) Data Provider. NMVTIS is a national database designed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles, keep stolen vehicles from being resold, and provides users with accurate and complete vehicle information.

Always check the history of a car before buying it!

An EpicVIN Vehicle History Report will reveal:

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Past odometer readings - has the odometer ever been rolled back?

Car theft

Theft vehicle check - has the car been registered as a stolen vehicle?

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Hidden Damages - does this car have any undisclosed or hidden damages?

Transmission logo

Technical data - what are the vehicles specifications and technical Data?

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How was the car previously used? Was it a prior taxi or rental car?

Blue camera

Photos of previous sales - has this vehicle previously been listed for sale?

What Customers Say about EpicVIN

Customer №1

May Forester

"Thanks to EpicVIN I got valuable info that I needed about a car’s damages. to be specific there was an airbag deployment and a vehicle rollover. So I was lucky that I checked the report first before buying the car. Was the price worth it? absolutely! Thanks for your service EpicVIN!"

Customer №2

Jason Creed

"Once I decided to buy a good looking Cadillac Escalade. I really appreciate that my colleague advised me to take your service guys. As it turns out that Cadillac is Salvage, Junk and even flood damaged car - that’s what I learned from your EpicVIN report. I was about to buy it, thankfully I checked the report first. I skipped a lot of trouble. I Appreciate what you do!"

Customer №3

Emily Johnson

"Very simple service with great information. I registered, paid, and got my report in just a few minutes. Everything is clear and simple. Got a rollback for the car I searched. And that wasn’t the only problem that was reported by EpicVIN. For more than a reasonable price I got the complete history of the car. Great service!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Every day EpicVIN provides millions of customers just like you with complete and truthful vehicle history reports. We are helping consumers get up-to-date information about used vehicles and help them feel confident in their potential purchase. With our reports we provide the following information: odometer readings, previous owners, damages, accidents, recalls, photos, title information, and more. See the Prices and Packages

EpicVIN reports are available to anyone interested in the history of a used vehicle. You can use an EpicVIN report when you decide to buy a used vehicle and want to know it’s history as well as information about any hidden issues. EpicVIN reports are also invaluable to those who wish to sell their car to a private party and need to show that their car is worth its price. It’s obvious that buyers normally feel more confident when they are aware of the history of a vehicle they want to purchase. See What Customers Say about EpicVIN Vehicle History Reports

EpicVIN boasts an absolutely massive amount of data and has records on a vast selection of more than 350 million VIN records, which covers the majority of the used vehicles in the US. EpicVIN provides reports for vehicles manufactured after 1981 and offers information about cars and light trucks. EpicVIN drastically reduces your chances of buying a car with hidden or unknown issues. Check your VIN here

The VIN - Vehicle Identification Number is a unique 17-character number used to identify a vehicle, also known as VIN number. The VIN has 17 digits that are not random but instead outline specific information like make, model, year, country of origin, and more. At EpicVIN you can use the VIN number to get your vehicle history report. Check the VIN

Where to find the VIN in a vehicle:
  - Dashboard (often readable through the windshield);
  - Inside the door;
  - The engine firewall;
  - Under the hood.

Where to find the VIN in documents:
  - Vehicle title;
  - Service records;
  - Insurance policy;

Where else can you find your VIN?
If you are unable to find the VIN, try contacting the seller of the vehicle. The seller can find the VIN on the vehicle or in the paperwork as outlined in the steps above.

A VIN can often be found on the driver-side door, near where the door latches as well as on the lower-left hand corner of the dashboard, in front of the steering wheel. If you own the car, you can find it on the title, registration card or insurance documents. Learn more about where to find the VIN

Save Thousands of Dollars

Check the history of the vehicle you want to buy beforehand

Try a sample VIN
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