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All prospective buyers are in the market for a great deal on a vehicle in good condition and at a fair price. But how does one ensure the vehicle hasn’t sustained flood damage? EpicVIN can help you! Our tool highlights flood damage that could be otherwise hidden, leading to inconvenience, dangerous driving, and high repair costs. Flooding can be caused by anything from major hurricanes to sitting water, ruining electronics, mechanical systems, and more. Enter the 17-digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for the vehicle you want to check below.

How to detect a flood-damaged vehicle by VIN

With the help of the EpicVIN free flood risk check tool, you can have peace of mind by discovering if a vehicle has a history of being submerged, flooded, or receiving other water damage. Simply enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and receive a report. To supplement our report, we highly recommend that all prospective buyers perform their own inspection. Common steps to check for water damage include inspecting the difficult-to-clean places like bottom edges, carpeting, dashboard, upholstery and door panels. If you find water damage, be sure not to start the vehicle and include this information in your price calculations.

Flooded cars concealing history to receive a clean title

There are many ways to hide flood damage, but there are just as many tricks to check for it. Unfortunately, not all states require damaged cars to be branded. Standards for vehicle titles are controlled by each state and vary across the country, meaning a flood-damaged vehicle in one state could be sold in another state with a clean title. Even if the vehicle in question runs properly and appears fine cosmetically, it could still have sustained water damage.

For these reasons, it’s heavily advised to detect and confirm a vehicle’s condition prior to purchase to save money and stress in the future. Check any vehicle you’re planning to buy, or one you already own just to be sure!

Avoid flood damage with the help of EpicVIN!

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