How Do I Get a Free Carfax Report?

How Do I Get a Free Carfax Report? | EpicVin Blog

How miserable would you feel if you recently purchased a used car and it gives you a 'Check Engine' error? No one wishes for such surprises. Buying a used vehicle has its pros and cons. You either get a great deal, or you feel deceived. To be on the safer side, you can get a carfax report or vehicle history report by well-known data providers like AutoCheck, Carfax, etc. but they are quite expensive.

Free Carfax Report Alternative

However, there is a free alternative to discovering the entire damage and maintenance history of a vehicle even before purchasing it. Consequently, you can save yourself from wasting your money on any wrong deal. The only prerequisite is the 17-digit unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) code, and you will have the information to a vehicle's odometer readings, accidents and damages, pre-owners, photos, etc. EpicVIN can help you get that information just at a click with it's free VIN check. Click here and enter a VIN code to get a detailed report of any vehicle.

EpicVIN report is a free 'Carfax report' alternative since it is an NMVTIS-approved (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) data provider from 2012, making the reports more reliable.

How to Get a Free Carfax Report

There can be nothing better than buying a used car while unraveling its history - as that helps you make an informed decision. Data providers like EpicVIN allows any consumer to access such reports for free. By only using the car's VIN code, one can find a lot of details regarding a vehicle in terms of damage, accidents, total miles driven, the number of owners, and even if the sale legitimacy of a vehicle.

Ways to Get a Free Carfax Report

You can get a Free Carfax Report in the following ways :

  1. Websites like or are some car listing sites that might offer free Carfax reports for some used cars.
  2. Dealers usually provide a link to free Carfax reports of the used car they are selling. If not available, you can simply ask for one.
  3. Private sellers can be asked for a Carfax report, too. As a buyer, it's your right to know every detail of what you will be purchasing.

Free Carfax Resources for Owners and Buyers

To access more resources for a vehicle, you can sign up and create an EpicVIN account. The additional resources include:

  1. VIN check by state: A vehicle purchased may have a clean title in one state, but it may have a history of theft, accidents, or flood damage in some other state.
  2. Odometer Fraud Check ensures the mileage displayed on the odometer isn't adjusted but authentic.
  3. Flooded Car Check verifies if a vehicle has had a history of being flooded, submerged in water, or damaged by water.

With the help of EpicVIN, you can easily detect such faults even before purchasing a vehicle and save yourself a whole lot of stress down the road.

What Provides and Why it is Free

Intending to reduce uncertainty and fraud in the automotive sector, EpicVIN has been helping consumers fetch the best deals by having the transparency of authentic vehicle history and damage records.

With over 350 million records, provides a free VIN check to anyone in need of it and helps avoid hidden issues that are often overlooked. It does help not only buyers but also sellers to get the best deal out of what they own. One can quickly get their vehicle verified and validated based on the extensive vehicle history report already available.

Getting Your Free Vehicle History Report Here and Now

You can now get an alternative to a Carfax report by merely using the VIN code of the desired vehicle you wish to purchase from any used car listing or dealer or even private sellers.

What are you waiting for? You no longer have to be in the dark when it comes to purchasing used vehicles. Give EpicVin a shot, and you will thank us later.

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