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Why is it essential to identify the origin of your VW?

VIN numbers are a unique coded set of numbers that hold some information and details of different types of automobiles. The kind of information which you can obtain from the VIN number of VW vehicles is the type of transmissions and engine which it has in it, the location where it happened to be manufactured, and some other information. If you have any plans of purchasing a Volkswagen vehicle, be it a brand new one or a used one, you should endeavor to make use of the VW VIN decoder to help you get details on the vehicle and also verify the condition it is presently.

How to Find the VIN Plate in A Volkswagen Vehicle

Although the VIN plate of a Volkswagen vehicle is always found on the left of the dashboard, it can also be located in some other places. Here are some of them:

  • Beneath the dashboard
  • In the bay of the engine
  • On the column of the steering
  • Behind the seats
  • In the Volkswagen title
  • On the door frame

How to decode the VIN number of a Volkswagen vehicle

  • The first character represents the origin country of the vehicle
  • The second character represents the manufacturer
  • The third character represents the type of vehicle it is
  • The fourth character represents the series of the vehicle
  • The fifth character represents the vehicle engine
  • The sixth character represents the restraint system
  • The seventh and eighth characters represent the vehicle model
  • The ninth character represents the check digit of the VIN
  • The tenth character represents the year the model was released
  • The eleventh character represents the plant it was assembled
  • The remaining characters represent the serial number.
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