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Every vehicle in operation is expected to have a VIN code. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique identifier that is usually assigned to a vehicle, to show important information about the car. Since VINs were standardized by the ISO in 1980, every vehicle, including passenger cars, commercial trucks, and trailers, now has a unique 17-digit VIN code, consisting of numbers and letters. One of the vital information contained in a VIN is the VIN country codes.

Furthermore, the 1st character of the VIN is the VIN number country code. It is used to identify the country or region where the car was manufactured. The country may be represented either by a digit or letter. For example, “J” means Japan, and “2” means Canada. In this post, we will be taking a detailed look at what each letter or digit in the 1st character of the VIN represents. With this, you can know more about VIN codes by country.

What can the VIN number country code of your vehicle tell you? 

It is a requirement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that all new vehicles manufactured in the United States must have a unique 17-digit VIN. It consists of letters and numbers except for I, O, and Q. This took place from the model year 1981. 

World manufacturer identifier (wmi).

  • They are the first three characters of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The first digit represents the country of origin of your vehicle. The second digit describes the manufacturer and the location where your vehicle was built. The third digit, together with the first two digits, portrays the vehicle type. The Society Automotive Engineers must give manufacturer identifiers or wmi to countries and manufacturers.

Vehicle descriptor section.

  • These are the characters ranging from the fourth to the eighth position. It is used based on the local regulations to determine the vehicle type, model type, and the vehicle’s body style. Every manufacturer has a specific system for using this field. Many manufacturers used the eighth digit to get the engine type.

North American check digits.

  • Position nine represents the check digit, which is mandatory for vehicles in North America. It validates the VIN essential for computers to inform us whether there is a mistake or an issue.

10th digit.

  • It reveals the model year that the vehicle was made. The table below serves as a guide to the years. For instance, if the 10th digit is ‘D’, then the car is a 2013 model.

VIN Country Codes

As mentioned earlier, the first letter or digit represents the VIN country of origin. Below is a table showing the various VIN country codes:

Africa Codes

AA- AHSouth AfricaCA- CEBeninDL- DRZambia
AJ - ANCote d’IvoireCF- CKMadagascarEA- EEEthiopia
BA - BEAngolaCL- CRTunisiaEF- EKMozambique
BF- BKKenyaDA- DEEgyptFA- FEGhana
BL- BRTanzaniaDF- DKMoroccoFF- FKNigeria

As seen from the table above, CA- CE is a code representing Benin. The VIN number country code covers the range CA, CB, CC, CD, and CE. Thus, all vehicles with these VIN number country code were manufactured in Benin.

Asia Codes

JJapanMF-MKIndonesiaPF- PKSingapore
KA- KESri- LankaML- MRThailandPL- PRMalaysia
KF- KKIsraelMS- M0MyanmarRA- REUnited Arab Emirates
KL- KRSouth KoreaNA- NEIranRF- RKTaiwan
KS- K0KazakhstanNF- NKPakistanRL- RRVietnam
LChinaNL- NRTurkeyRS- R0Saudi Arabia
MA- MEIndiaPA- PEPhilippines  

As seen from the table above, J is a code representing Japan. Thus, all vehicles with this VIN number country code were manufactured in Japan.

Europe Codes

SA- SMUnited KingdomVA- VEAustriaX3-X0Russia
SN- STGermanyVF- VRFranceYA-YEBelgium
SU- SZPolandVS- VWSpainYF-YKFinland
S1- S4LatviaVX- V2SerbiaYL-YRMalta
TA- THSwitzerlandV3- V5CroatiaYS-YWSweden
TJ- TPCzech RepublicV6- V0EstoniaYX-Y2Norway
TR- TVHungaryWGermanyY3-Y5Belarus
TW- T1PortugalXA- XEBulgariaY6-Y0Ukraine
UH- UMDenmarkXF- XKGreeceZA-ZRItaly
UN- UTIrelandXL- XRNetherlandsZX-Z2Slovenia
UU- UZRomaniaXS- XWRussia(formerly USSR)Z3-Z5Lithuania
U5- U7SlovakiaXX- X2Luxembourg  

As seen from the table above, SA- SM is a code representing the United Kingdom. The VIN number country code covers the range SA, SB, SC, SD, SE, SF, SG, SH, SI, SJ, SK, SL, and SM. Thus, all vehicles with these VIN country codes were manufactured in the United Kingdom.

However, for European vehicles, the first character sometimes identifies the country where the headquarters of the vehicle’s manufacturer is located.

America Codes 

North AmericaSouth America
1, 4, or 5United States8A-8EArgentina9F-9KColombia
3X-37Costa Rica8S-8WPeru9X-92Trinidad & Tobago
38-39Cayman Islands8X-82Venezuela93–99Brazil

As seen from the table above, 1, 4, and 5 are the codes representing the United States. Thus, all vehicles with the VIN country of origin were manufactured in the United States.

Oceania - VIN Country of Origin

7New Zealand

As seen from the table above, 6 and 7 are the codes representing Australia and New Zealand. Thus, all vehicles with the VIN country of origin were manufactured in Australia or New Zealand, respectively.

There you have it! The above is a detailed table showing VIN country codes. By looking up the VIN number country code, you can know where your vehicle was manufactured. In our subsequent posts, we will be discussing what the other digits of the VIN code represent. You can use our VIN checker at EpicVIN to get your vehicle history report and discover more information about the car you are thinking about purchasing. An amazing experience awaits you.

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